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Lurkers, save us from monotony!

Rondo, tanking, draft, repeat. Lather, rinse, repeat. Help!

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Hey you!  Anonymous reader that hasn't bothered to register an account yet.  Yeah I'm talking to you.  There are really a whole lot of you out there.  Probably hundreds of you for every one person that comments regularly.

I need your help.  Nay, I demand it! (Don't make me beg, it isn't pretty)

The trade deadline is long gone.  We've got 100 days until the NBA draft.  63 days before we know our fate in the Draft Lottery.  We've only got a few weeks of games left and I'm running out of ideas of how to pass the time.  Yes, yes, I know.  This is my job, but I never claimed to be very good at it.

Besides, I hate lectures.  I'm no professor (though I do want one of those jackets with the elbow patches ...but I digress).  I prefer conversations.  Back and forth.  Exchanging ideas.  One topic skipping over to another topic crashing headfirst into a debate and laughing about how we got from one topic to the other.

Yet here we are, stuck in a repetitive personification of shampoo instructions.  Lather (Rondo talk), rinse (tanking talk), repeat.  Lather (Jeff Green talk), rinse (draft talk), repeat.  Enough already.

I want some conditioner, or hair spray, or an electric razor (or maybe Rogaine depending on your situation).  Anything but more shampoo.

If you can make a coherent point in a respectful manner, all opinions are welcome here.

You have the power to help us overcome.  Your fresh, creative, ingenuous ideas will save us from this vicious cycle.  Ok, maybe that's putting too much pressure on you.  At the very least, sign up and tell us a funny (printable) joke you heard.  Tell us if you like the direction we're headed and why.  Or maybe just tell us how you became a fan.

Yes, there are some blowhards on here (I am their chief).  I love my fellow attention seekers, but that doesn't mean we are always right.  Volume of words and posts does not make us any wiser than the average Joe.  You too can add your voice.  We won't bite (hard).

If you don't agree with me on everything, GREAT!  Let us know why.  I don't care if you are pro-tanking, pro-trading-Rondo, or professionally insane.

Just remember my golden rule of CelticsBlog.  Treat each other with respect. If you can make a coherent point in a respectful manner, all opinions are welcome here.

You can contribute comments on each of the articles, or if you are feeling more long winded, you are welcome to submit FanPosts (some of which find their way to the front page).  Or if forums are more your speed, check them out here (note: there's a separate log-in for those - so unfortunately if you want to participate in both you'll have to register twice).

Maybe your comment or FanPost will spark a whole new set of discussions.  Maybe you'll provide some context that none of us ever thought of before.  You'll never know till you get in the game.  I'm calling your number.  Get in there and give us some good minutes and take a few shots.

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