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Will Chris Babb be signed through the end of the year?

His 2nd 10 day contract is up and the Celtics have to make a decision.

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As we know from Chris Johnson, once a player has finished 2 10 day contracts, they have to either be released or signed for the rest of the year.  Chris Babb's latest 10 day will be up Thursday night so the Celtics have to decide.

Will Chris Babb stick with the Boston Celtics after his second 10-day contract expires? |

The Celtics have enough money to keep Babb (or any other minimum contract player) while staying under the luxury tax threshold, and head coach Brad Stevens has repeatedly praised the 24-year-old's approach to basketball. But with Avery Bradley back from a sprained ankle, Babb has received three consecutive DNP-CDs. He hasn't played since missing his only shot during a 24-point blowout loss to the Knicks last Wednesday.

What to do with Babb? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Here's the case for Babb: He's been an excellent teammate and has made a positive impact when he's been given the chance to be on the floor. Boston's defensive rating (points allowed per 100 possessions) is a mere 87.4 with Babb in the game (or 16 ½ points below the team's season average, albeit in an obviously super small sample). He's been thrust into some tough matchups, including being sent out to guard Indiana's Paul George after checking in for his NBA debut, but he has held his own in large part because of his tenacity.

He doesn't have much of an offensive game and hasn't exactly hit the 3 pointer as much as you'd like to see.  Plus it is somewhat telling that he hasn't seen the floor since Bradley came back.  If he can't find time on a lottery team on a 5 game losing streak, is he going to be of any use to us in future years?

That said, I like Babb and I like all the great things being said about him.  It sounds like he's a good defender which is always a good thing to have around.  Unless there's another alternative player out there that we'd like to get our hands on, I'm fine signing him up for the rest of the year and into next year on a non-guaranteed contract that will at least bring him to Summer League and training camp.

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