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Celtics beat the Heat! GIF all about it! Celtics win 101-96!

Behind a near triple double by Rajon Rondo, the Celtics beat Miami for the second time this season. Lottery position? NO TANK YOU.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

I won’t trouble with the box score.  Avery Bradley returned to the starting lineup, lead the team with 23 hitting 6-of-9 from three (23 points), Brandon Bass was rock solid with 18, and Rondo was 9-10-15. The home team was finally free of the fashion faux pas of those horrible sleeved jerseys, LeBron didn’t dress in this one (back spasms), some guy named Ray played, and the Celtics beat the Heat.  A win is a win is a win and maybe a little more coming against Miami, but it was the signs of improvement from this rebuilding team that stuck out.



People have killed Sullinger for shooting the three.  He’s shooting 24% from behind the line, but I like Tommy’s attitude about it.  I’m paraphrasing here, but basically, it looks like that shot can be part of his arsenal and he should absolutely be using this year to get comfortable with it.



It’s a small thing, but it’s drives like these that show that Olynyk is getting more and more comfortable with the speed of the NBA and more important, confident with his game.  Two months ago, he would have hesitated and never taken that shot.


Here’s a good example of Sully and Kelly working that inside outside game.  Love them, but you don’t get this kind of action with Humphries and Bass.


Another moment I love.  The GIF doesn’t give it justice.  Before drawing the charge, you can hear Rondo calling out the coverage and guessing Miami’s next play.  Brilliant.


This is the wizard at work.  Hypnotizes you with the hard dribble and zips it in there when you least expect it.


I loved the enthusiasm coming from Brad Stevens here and the confidence exuding from Rondo.  Rondo gets the ball, looks over at his coach, and just takes over with the final floater that sealed the deal.  After missing so many little bunnies against New Orleans, it was great to see RR hit one right in Miami's collective face.  Who knows if that's what Brad called from the sidelines; what matters is that Rondo is getting his swagger back.

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