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Wyc Grousbeck and Danny Ainge are selling season tickets

The PR machine is humming.


Does it seem like we've heard a lot from Danny Ainge, Wyc Grousbeck, and the whole Celtics front office lately?  That's because we have, and it is a deliberate, strategic, and completely understandable tactic aimed at getting season ticket holders to re-up for another year.  You see, the team stinks currently, and the best commodity they have to peddle is the future.

I'm paraphrasing and condensing, but here are the overarching bullet points the C's management is trying to get across to their customers.

  • Remember 2007 when we traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen?  We COULD do that again (and we've got even more draft picks this time around)!  Have you seen my 2008 ring?
  • If we don't win the Draft Lottery (odds lean in favor of us not) that's no big deal.  The draft isn't as awesome as everyone is making it out to be.  [Note: If we win the lottery, that will pump up sales by itself.  The danger is losing sales if we don't win it.  Science.]
  • Danny loves making deals.  He's good at it.  Just ask us.
  • Look how great a job Brad Stevens has done so far!  He's the next big thing in coaching and he's ours for a long time.
  • We LOVE Rondo, really.
  • It is important that we stay patient and wait for the right opportunity.  This is a process.
  • Did we mention that we could make some trades?  Plus Boston is a great place for free agents.  No really.
  • Wyc and the owners are winners.  They are patient enough to wait out the process but driven to succeed.  Plus they are fans, just like you!  They GET you.
  • Fireworks!

Like I said, this is exactly the right thing to do.  I ain't mad at 'em.  In fact I applaud them for it.  Go get that money guys.  Sell me on your dreams because I eat this stuff up.  It is music to my ears and it makes me excited for the offseason.

You can tell Ainge is already excited too.  This is, after all, his offseason.  Between the trade deadline and the end of the regular season all he can really do is scout (both in college and around the league).  When the offseason starts though, that's when things get fun for him.

Danny Ainge tells Celtics season ticket-holders team is in good position - Sports - The Boston Globe

The team is preparing for the draft and free agency, Ainge said. "At that same time, once our season ends, the trading period opens up again," he added. "The three D’s — development, deals and draft — are how we build our team."

Giddy-up trader Dan.  Giddy-up.

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