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Rajon Rondo to run point on Monday's CSNNE broadcast

As expected, Rondo will take the day off on the back end of a back-to-back with the Bulls but he won't be staying in Boston. He'll join Mike Gorman in Chicago as a guest analyst.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

OK, this is awesome:

Rondo will serve as a guest analyst during the Celtics' matchup with the Bulls on Monday, March 31.

He'll join play-by-play voice Mike Gorman for the first quarter of CSNNE's broadcast, with Cedric Maxwell substituting in for the final three quarters.

A month removed from BirthdayGate, it's great to see Rondo using the off day from a back-to-back to connect with the fans.  Maybe it's a PR move by the Celtics, but I'll take it for what it's worth: thirty minutes of Rajon Rondo dishing with Mike Gorman.  What's the equivalent of a sportscaster's triple double?  On my scorecard, I'll give him points for mentioning KG and Pierce, rebounds if he talks poorly about Ray, and assists if he mentions spending his entire career in green.  I expect a pretty dry sense of humor from him, but I'm really hoping he opens up about how he and Brad Stevens are working together, what he expects out of Sullinger and Olynyk, how much he wants Avery Bradley back next year, and how he sees the off season playing out for the Celtics.  Rondo's used to dishing out assists, but I'd much rather see Gorman setting Rajon up.

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