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Comeback falls short, Celtics fall to Raptors 103 - 105

Raps hold of the Celtics and head to the playoffs.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sport

Down by ten to start the 4th quarter the Celtics could have quietly accepted their fate and taken the loss.  But they refused to go down quietly and stormed back to take the lead with minutes left.  The Raptors were able to make some key shots in the clutch and earned a playoff bid.

  • Seemed like every other play you'd see DeMar DeRozan or Terrence Ross drive into the paint, elevate, hang, hang some more, order room service, make plans for later, and then finally throw up a shot that somehow found the basket while the ref was calling another Celtic defender for a foul.  Was just that kind of night.
  • So it seems fitting that the game winning shot was another drive to the hoop, this time by Klye Lowry.  He missed the leaning prayer but Amir Johnson was there to clean it up and banked home his own leaning putback shot.
  • Big hat tip to Jerryd Bayless who scored 20 points and really keyed that 4th quarter run.
  • Celtics spread the wealth tonight, with 6 players in double figures and two more with 8 points each.

Another day, another moral victory, another loss on the way to the lottery.

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