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Garden Report: D.J. Augustin & Joakim Noah hold off Boston Celtics, Rajon Rondo Ready to be Commentator?

Joakim Noah received high praise from Jared Sullinger after the Bulls beat the Celtics 107-102 Sunday and Noah's reaction was as much puzzled as it was grateful. The Garden Report debated his MVP candidacy and DJ Augustin's rise from bust to baller.

BOSTON – Joakim Noah and DJ Augustin had memorable nights for the Bulls as they led an efficient and consistent effort to hold off the Celtics. The Garden Report broke down their performances and discussed Brad Stevens' deteriorating demeanor as the losses pile up.

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Part 2: Rajon Rondo Ready to be Commentator?

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Brad Stevens on the Frustration of this Season

Joakim Noah on D.J. Augustin & Controlling Emotion

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