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Brad Stevens hopes to keep Chris Babb around longer

So far so good.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Babb has impressed most everyone since being added to the team on a 10 day contract.  Clearly the team has had their eyes on him for a while and it sounds like he might be sticking around a bit longer.

Brad Stevens On Chris Babb: "I Hope He's Back With Us Monday" - CelticsHub | CelticsHub

"I hope like heck he’s back with us Monday," Brad Stevens said after Boston’s 91-84 win over Brooklyn, in which Babb knocked down a pair of 3-pointers and defended like he doesn’t really feel like heading back north to Maine. "He’s a perfect fit for what we need. He’s not going to play 38 minutes a game, he’s going to come in, get open shots, hopefully knock those open shots down, play off other people, and be a feisty defender for us. He really is an outstanding defender for a young guy."

Glad to hear it.  I like him, Tommy loves him, and he's another young player that could be a solid pickup for us.

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