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Lottery combinations that will win the Celtics a top 3 pick

Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya?

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The wizard of box scores himself Mike Zarren (Assistant General Manager of the Celtics) gave us all the lottery combinations that could win the Celtics a top 3 pick.  Why?  Well, let's hear it from him.

Inside The Numbers Draft Lottery: The Combos

Celtics fans are by far the best fans in the league, but they’re also some of the craziest. Even though the ping-pong drawing for the Draft Lottery is not done on TV, a number of my crazy friends have contacted me, eager to find out which ping-pong ball combinations would be assigned to the team so that fans could light a certain number of candles on May 20th, or arrange rocks in their front lawn in the shape of a particular combo, or smoke some number of Hoyo de Monterrey cigars on each of the four days before the lottery, or whatever.

Click the link above for all the combinations.

Personally I'm rooting for 5, 6, 9, 14

  • 5 - Kevin Garnett
  • 6 - Bill Russell
  • 9 - Rajon Rondo
  • 14 - Bob Cousy

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