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Satch Sullinger says Boston Celtics 'kind of promised' they're going to add a center

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Jared Sullinger's father, Satch, recently said that the Boston Celtics will look to acquire a center this offseason. This backs up Danny Ainge's previous comments saying that the team's top need is rim protection.

Let's play connect the dots to find out what this means:

  • In December, the Boston Celtics and the Houston Rockets discussed a potential trade that would've sent center Omer Asik to Boston.
  • The trade fell apart, but rumors circulated around that they would revisit at the trade deadline. No trade occurred.
  • Danny Ainge has hinted that, historically, some of his trades discussed during the season didn't occur until the summer.
  • Ainge also said that the team's top priority this offseason is a rim protector.
  • Rockets general manager Daryl Morey and owner Leslie Alexander have both said that the team will have enough cap space to sign a "terrific free agent."
  • However, the Rockets won't have that cap flexibility available unless they trade a player with a large salary like Omer Asik or Jeremy Lin (both have a cap hit of roughly $8.5 million next year).
  • Today, Satch Sullinger, said this:

"I think next year he's going to finally get to play his true position of power forward. And so, at that point, he's going to come home and he's going to trim down and shed some pounds, so he gets a quicker step and a little more mobility. Because they've kind of promised him that they're going to get a center."

Omer Asik is a rim protecting center that the Celtics previously came close to acquiring, and the Celtics could provide the Rockets with the cap relief that they need. Oh, and on top of that, Danny Ainge and Daryl Morey are close friends and former colleagues.

It's a trade that's too obvious not to happen, though the exact pieces involved could vary depending on Houston's needs, and what Boston is willing to give.

Having Asik behind Dwight Howard is redundant for Houston, and he has an unnecessarily large cap hit for them when they need to add better defense at the forward and wing positions, not center. And for the Celtics, Asik would give the team one of the better defending and rebounding centers in the NBA, automatically filling their biggest void.

Sure, there are no guarantees, and this is certainly all speculation, but considering the timeline of events, it wouldn't be surprising if Asik to Boston happens at some point this offseason.

If not, Satch Sullinger's comments at least support Danny Ainge's declaration that the team needs to add rim protection. The organization is going to have a proactive summer to attempt to improve the team for the 2014-15 season.

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