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Rumor: Knicks "snubbed" a Rajon Rondo trade

After Steve Kerr snubbed Phil Jackson and the Knicks to take the head coaching job in Golden State, Stephen A. Smith is reporting that Carmelo Anthony's attention has begun to wander as New York has passed up opportunities to get Lamarcus Aldridge, Kyle Lowry, and Rajon Rondo.

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I'll chalk this up as hyperbole from Mr. Hyperbole:

Melo knows the Knicks had a chance at LaMarcus Aldridge and blew it. He knows they snubbed a trade that would've brought Rajon Rondo to New York or Kyle Lowry in a separate deal. All year long he sat around, played hard and averaged 27 points per game, while the Knicks stood idly by and did nothing - primarily because Dolan wouldn't allow them to, telling the team in multiple meetings that the players weren't going anywhere.

As Jay at RedsArmy points out, Stephen A. Smith did have the scoop on LeBron James' decision before The Decision and Doc Rivers' "trade" to the Clippers, but I also agree that the Knicks didn't have the necessary assets to make a deal for Rondo.  That kind of superstar trade would signal to the rest of the league that Boston were looking at a 2-3 year rebuild and the Knicks just don't have the pieces to help the Celtics.  Unless they wanted to take on Gerald Wallace's final two years, it seems highly unlikely that Dolan rejected Danny.  They've already mortgaged too much of their future to win now and without first round picks to trade, you don't trade away the best pass-first point guard in the league for the oft-injured Iman Shumpert and a volume shooter in Tim Hardaway Jr.  So, no Knicks, you didn't reject us; we rejected you.

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