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Do you feel lucky? Lottery preparations for Celtics fans

Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Jim Rogash

Got a lucky charm? A lucky piece of clothing? A lucky place to sit and watch games? A lucky ritual? Or even just plain happy thoughts? Bring em out tomorrow night.

The Celtics representative will be well prepared.

Celtics hope for the best in NBA draft lottery - Sports - The Boston Globe

Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca will be on stage to represent the team, and he plans to wear a tie that Celtics patriarch Red Auerbach once gave him in the hopes that it will bring the team good luck.

But he doesn't stop there.

Celtics Co-Owner Bringing Lucky Rooster From Portugal To NBA Draft Lottery | Boston Celtics |

Co-owner Stephen Pagliuca will bring a lucky Rooster of Barcelos figurine to New York City when he represents the team at Tuesday’s lottery, according to The rooster, which was a gift from the ambassador of Portugal, is believed to be a symbol of good luck.

Luck is a funny thing.  There's really no logic behind it.  Some people "make their own luck" but that's just another way of saying that they work hard and create their own opportunities.  It doesn't actually help their odds in a game of chances.

Luck is fickle too.  Were the Cavs lucky winning the lottery twice in the last decade only to not win the title?  Or were the Celtics unlucky in 2007 when they lost the lottery but ended up winning the title anyway?

Luck might not even be real.  It kind of boils down to a mystical belief in something or someone having control over events in your life and manipulating them in your favor (or not, depending on your luck).  While I'm a devout Christian and firmly believe in God's sovereignty, I just as firmly believe that he doesn't care who wins the Lottery or the Super Bowl or whatever.

Like it or not, the odds are what the odds are.  You can flip a coin 20 times in a row and get heads each time, but the next flip still has just a 50-50 chance of being tails (assuming the coin isn't rigged).  So yes, the Celtics "lost" the last two big lotteries we were in.  But that doesn't mean we are "due" this time.  At least not in any logical sense.

Still, while I know in my head and in my soul what I believe, there's always that part of me that just doesn't know.  I guess because my father was a sailor I still have the attitude of "hey, it never hurts."  So I'll be wearing a few pieces of Celtics gear tomorrow.

So if you see a Celtics fan tomorrow, wish them "Good luck!"  After all, luck is part of what we do as Celtics.

What will you be wearing or doing tomorrow as the picks are announced?

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