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Stein rumor: Houston likely to call Celtics about Rajon Rondo (again)

Here we go again.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Remember those Rajon Rondo to the Rockets rumors that surfaced around the trade deadline?  Marc Stein is dusting them off and giving them another go, now that the Rockets have been eliminated and are looking to the offseason.

Summer Scoop: Now what for Rockets? - Marc Stein Blog - ESPN

It's inevitable that Rockets general manager Daryl Morey will likewise check in with his old boss Danny Ainge in Boston -- as he did before the trade deadline in February -– just to make sure Rajon Rondo isn’t suddenly available.

Parsons is the Rocket every rival team tries to steal. Boston would insist on Parsons if Rondo-to-Houston talks ever got serious.

There isn't much substance here but it stands to reason that the Rockets (and a lot of teams) would call the Celtics about Rondo.  I'm sure Danny Ainge will listen too.  What I'm not so sure about is any deal actually taking place or even getting past the "serious" stage.

At this point, anyone's guess is as good as mine.  I'd like to think that Rondo is likely here for a long time but I don't know that.  I'd love to tell you what dominoes would have to fall into place for a clear path to present itself, but I don't know that either.  For example, if we win the lottery and get a top 3 pick, would that make Ainge more likely to trade Rondo or less?  I haven't got a clue really.

Chances are you haven't read any of this and I guess I can't blame you. I'm sure you've already either a) dismissed this outright, b) started preparing your arguments for the comments below, or c) already fired up the Trade Machine with names like Asik, Lin, Chandler, Gerald Wallace, and who knows what else changing places.  So by all means, give us your best trade ideas.  We've got nothing better to do right now.

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