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Newsflash: The Celtics need to be better on offense (how about Afflalo?)

I'll take obvious statements for 200 Alex.

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We know that the Celtics were bad at basketball this year.  The record proves that.  They were, by some measures, an ok defensive team for a little while before tapering off as the year progressed.  But on offense, they were bad all year long (on average).  How bad?

The perfect score: C's could eye offense - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

The Celtics were not a good offensive team by any metric last season. Boston ranked 27th in offensive rating (99.7 points per 100 possessions) while averaging 96.2 points per game (26th) and shooting 43.5 percent from the floor (28th). The Celtics didn't get to the free throw line very often, turned the ball over at a high rate and had one of the lowest effective field goal percentages in the league (which adjusts for value of 3-point shots).

So the Celtics will be looking for any way possible to upgrade that offense.

"We struggled to score this year and that matters," Celtics director of player personnel Austin Ainge said. "We're going to have to address it, and that might be through the draft, it might be through free agency, it might be via trade. That's an issue."

Right now several signs are pointing toward the Celtics favoring Aaron Gordon with the 6th pick.  Gordon has skills on offense but he's not exactly a natural scorer that guys like Jabari Parker or Julius Randle are.

So aside from Kevin Love, is there another player that the Celtics should be targeting to add offense?  Maybe another Aaron would be a good pickup.

NBA/Magic Insider: Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love wants team to trade him - Orlando Sentinel

Magic SG Arron Afflalo holds a player option for 2015-16 and can become a free agent after next season. Orlando's classy leading scorer wouldn't mind being moved to a playoff team. The clock is ticking loudly on his career as he'll turn 29 in October. The Magic can select a point guard at No. 4 this month, perhaps a signal that Victor Oladipo would move to Arron's position full-time. Afflalo could be in play at the June 26 draft.

Matt Moore suggested on twitter an offer of Afflalo and #12 for the number 6 pick.  At number 12 you might still be able to get Aaron Gordon if he slips (as some mocks have him doing).  Or you might pick up a guy like Saric or McDermott.

Of course there's the little issue of matching salaries, so a contract would have to go to the Magic (Brandon Bass back to Orlando?).  Also, if you have Afflalo, is it worth opening up the checkbook for Avery Bradley?  Or can you use him in a sign and trade (something you wouldn't know for sure until the free agent period after the draft)?

Just food for thought.

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