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A few "Summer of Love" updates (Kevin Love that is, in case you don't get puns)

And this is where I start to feel like a stalker, watching his every move....

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Hey, here's something completely out of left field.  Imagine if the Celtics could get their hands on Kevin Love.  That would be great huh?  I bet nobody has thought of that yet.  Blogging is neat.

Anyhoo, how would you like a bunch of updates that may or may not mean anything whatsoever?  I mean, if not, you are free to skip this entirely and complain about "another Kevin Love article!" in the comments.  I won't mind really. Yay, blogging.

So, about those updates.

First of all, it doesn't sound like Love is really all that content in Minny (I know, news flash):

Minnesota Timberwolves' Kevin Love hopes 'everything works out' - ESPN

"No matter what the outcome is, I just want to end up in a great place where I can win," Love said on "SportsNation." "At the end of the day, I've played six years, haven't made the playoffs yet, that burns me and hurts my heart, so I really want to be playing."

In that link he also doesn't sound all that pleased with Flip's comments about him.

Five Questions with Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves | The Big Lead

Kevin Love, the highly-coveted Minnesota Timberwolves power forward who might be traded in the next few weeks, is out in LA at E3 promoting the video game Call of Duty. The friendly public relations folks gave us a few minutes on the phone with Love. They had one stipulation: No questions about the Boston Celtics.

Read the Q&A for yourself if you like, but I didn't get anything out of it really.  Just interesting that they singled out the Celtics as a team not to ask about.  Hmmmmm.

What about the Rockets?  Well...

Well, alright then.  I kind figured them more in the Melo sweepstakes anyway, but it is always nice to hear a competitor might be backing out.

Hey, Jared Sullinger's name has been bandied about in trade rumors.  He's a real person with real feelings and he's kind of put in a position where he has to say that the rumors don't bother him and he doesn't pay attention to them.

Celtics’ Jared Sullinger ‘laying low’ amid trade talk

"You just stay out of the headlines, and then some of the headlines, you can't even validate them, because some of them are fake,"

"I didn’t even pay attention to it until somebody brought it to my attention," Sullinger said. "It’s life. He was in Boston. Boston is a great city to visit. Get over it."

Sounds like a guy that is trying not to let it bother him even though it might bother him a little.  Which is only natural.  To which I'm sure Rajon Rondo can only say "welcome to the club young man!  For as long as Danny is running the show, there's going to be rumors around Boston."

And finally, a long article talking about how great Kevin Love really is.  Which seems obvious but I suppose there are still some doubters out there.

Vice Sports

When looking at Love's statistics, it's hard to view him as anything other than a superstar player. He's one of the league's very best rebounders, placing 7th in total rebounding percentage among players averaging 15 minutes per game over the last six seasons. Over the six year span of his career, he's 23rd in per-game scoring and this season he was fourth in the league, dropping 26.1 points per game on stellar efficiency. To top it all off, Love was also fourth in league in assist percentage amongst players 6'9" and over, marking him as one of the very best big man passers in the league. There's seemingly not a single statistical category in which Love does not excel.

Enjoy the comments section!

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