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Aaron Gordon works out for Celtics - displays improved shooting mechanics

Could this be the next Boston Celtic?

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

So far, Aaron Gordon has been the most commonly named player associated with the Celtics in mock drafts and draft rumors.  So it is worth noting that he had a workout in Boston today.

One of the big knocks on him has been his jumper.  Knowing this, he's put a lot of time and energy into fixing his shot since the end of the NCAA basketball season.  It is just drills and standing in a near-empty gym, but so far so good.

Gordon back in Boston for C's workout - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Gordon got up some post-workout shots and showcased what looks like an improving jumper (making a series of top of the arc 3-pointers as part of his shooting drills). Gordon said he's spent time since the end of the season working on his free-throw shooting, overhauling his mechanics, and believes shoring up that aspect of the game will strengthen his entire offensive arsenal. "A lot of what was happening throughout the season is, I would get on a roll, then I’d get to the free throw line and it would kinda cool me off a little bit," said Gordon. "Whereas now, if I get to the free throw line, it’s just reestablishing what I can do from the perimeter. It’s keeping me on a roll."

If Gordon has a respectable outside shot, he could be a very, very valuable 3 and D (and maybe some other stuff) guy for whomever drafts him.

He sure sounds like he likes the idea of joining the Celtics.

Mutual interest between Aaron Gordon and Celtics

Asked about being drafted by the Celtics, Gordon said, "I hope. I’m excited. We’ll see. June 26, a lot of things are going to happen from now to then, and even on that day. But I’d be happy. Really, I’m just excited to be drafted anywhere.

I can already imagine Brad Stevens getting geeked up about using Gordon in a variety of ways on the court.

Because of that athleticism, Austin Ainge, the Celtics’ director of player personnel, believes Gordon would "be able to do some things like guard point guards, then switch onto the bigs in pick-and-rolls and do some creative things like that. Because he’s very versatile and athletic for his size."

If we don't get Kevin Love, I'm kind of pulling for Gordon at this point.  There's a lot to like.

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