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Celtics assitant coach Ron Adams will interview with Golden State Warriors

Where would you rather coach? Boston or Golden St.?


It feels like assistant coach Ron Adams just got here (as a key part of Brad Stevens' staff), but reports indicate that he could be thinking about leaving already.

Why would he want to leave already?  Sounds like he's interested in coaching with a contender.

Celtics Insider | Boston Herald

According to a league source, top assistant Ron Adams will interview for a place on Steve Kerr's Golden State staff Tuesday, after the Celtics granted the Warriors permission to talk with the veteran right hand man. Adams, at the age of 65 and after a wealth of assistant NBA experience that has included stops in Chicago, Oklahoma City and Philadelphia, is said to be making a decision about the final years of his coaching career. Finishing up that long career with a contending team obviously has appeal.

I would like to think that he'd stick around long enough to see how likely the Celtics chances of landing Kevin Love are.  Or if you want to get conspiracy theorist about this, perhaps he knows something that we don't and is just the first one to look for a way off the ship.

All of that said, it sounds like he hasn't made up his mind to leave.  He's just weighing his options.

Before he goes, I hope he pulls aside Celtics Director of Scouting Darren Erman (who was an assistant coach in Golden St. last year and would have particular insight into the dysfunction that was the Warriors upper management group).  Just to get his take on things.  Speaking of which, I wonder if Brian Scalabrine is still banished to the D-League or if he was set free (or re-instated) once Mark Jackson left.

Everyone everywhere talks about how well respected Adams is around the league.  For that reason alone I'd hate to lose him.  He seems to have been a good resource for Brad Stevens and a good coach for Rajon Rondo.  Still, in part because he's so respected, I can only wish him the best of luck with whatever path he chooses.

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