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The Spurs are the 2014 NBA Champions

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Andy Lyons

A few random thoughts after watching the final game of the Finals.

  • Beautiful.  Just beautiful basketball.  I'm so jealous.
  • Pop > Phil (enough said)
  • That Manu dunk.  Wow.
  • If we keep the pick, I want the Celtics to draft Aaron Gordon, just because his scouting report vaguely reminds me of Kawhi Leonard.  What a player.
  • Patty Mills with dagger after dagger.  Lovely jumper.
  • So much respect for Tim Duncan.  I'm over the "we coulda had him" at this point.  Just love watching him compete and win, decade after decade.
  • LeBron James now has more Finals losses than wins.  (Not one, not two, ...)
  • So, now what for the Heat could-be-free-agents (and Melo)?
  • Again, just beautiful basketball played by the Spurs (and the Heat too to a degree, just not as well).  Tapes should be made for all coaches at all levels.
  • Check out Pounding The Rock for more Spurs coverage.
  • Who's ready for the offseason to start in earnest now?

Let's get back to this Celtics.  This is where we belong.