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NBA Trade Rumor: Wolves and Warriors discussing Kevin Love trade

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You ready for this?


Apparently there are multiple reports out now that the Wolves and Warriors are in trade talks for Kevin Love and Golden State is willing to give up Klay Thompson.  But wait till you hear the rest.

I mean, really?  Love AND the 13th pick?  Wow.

Semi-confirmed here:

We'll provide updates on this insanity as it develops.  But stay tuned.

Update: This makes a little more sense.  The draft pick would be going to the Wolves.

Warriors, T'Wolves talking trade involving Kevin Love

According to two people with knowledge of the situation, Minnesota's asking price of the Warriors includes veteran forward David Lee, third-year shooting guard Klay Thompson and a future first-round pick. In return, the Warriors would also receive veteran shooting guard Kevin Martin.

Update 2