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Rumor: Celtics may like Julius Randle now (also still like Marcus Smart)

I know nothing.

Jamie Squire

We're in prime lying time right now, so take with a grain of salt.

I know someone with the initials KO (and not Kelly Olynyk, though maybe him too) that will be upset if we draft Randle.

Jay King points out the following:

NBA Draft rumors 2014: Are Boston Celtics down to Marcus Smart or Julius Randle at No. 6? |

According to ESPN's Chad Ford, the Celtics took a look at Joel Embiid's medical information Wednesday. Depending on what their doctors feel and how far the center drops, he could also draw consideration at No. 6. Ford added that he's heard a lot of Randle badmouthing from the Celtics camp, postulating that maybe it's because the team actually likes him. Sounds like a fourth-grade crush.

Who knows who the Celtics like.  Aside from the picks that they make, we might not know ever.

I'm dizzy from all the rumors and speculation.  Let's get this draft done!

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