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Ford: Embiid mocked at #6, Woj: Embiid to Sixers at #3 or Celtics at #6

The Celtics may not have won the lottery, but they could end up winning the draft.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia and Boston (and Los Angeles) were both privy to Embiid's medical report and according to Chad Ford, it's worse than we thought:

Sources say that the foot and back fractures aren't the only issues with Embiid's physical; there are several other issues that need to be addressed. The Celtics also are engaged in a number of different trade scenarios that could alter their plan (by either trading the pick or getting an established star who would necessitate getting a player in the draft who could help them now).

After losing out on Omer Asik to the Pelicans and with the Kevin Love trade talks apparently dead, getting Embiid at #6 would be a godsend.  It's a big gamble, but I'm sure Danny won't make a gamble without some assurances from his medical staff.  We can argue whether or not drafting injury-prone players like Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger have been a success, but it's clear that Ainge is a risk taker and if Embiid is available, look for Danny to take another.  Embiid tweeted late last night that "I'm a laker" and that simply could have meant that Kupchak promised his agent, Arn Tellum, that he won't fall past #7, but with Philly and Boston picking ahead of them, it's very doubtful he falls to Los Angeles. But then there's this possibility:

For what it's worth, Ford has Dario Saric at #17.

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