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First shoe dropped?

Flip Saunders has informed ESPN that he will coach the Minnesota Timberwolves next season. Kevin Love still wants out. Rondo hints at "big changes." Are these the fireworks we expected?

Christian Petersen

What does this mean?  After being spurned by Dave Joerger and allegedly not being able to convince a high profile college coach like Tom Izzo, Billy Donovan, or Fred Hoiberg to join the Timberwolves, Saunders will retain his title as team president and become head coach.  This can't be good news for Minnesota fans who are holding on to the glimmer of hope that Love would stay with the team.

Saunders had been waiting to entertain offers for Love until he secured a head coach, but after striking out several times, his move back to the bench could signal "uncle" to Love's requests.  Had Saunders been the solution all along, he would have made the move as soon as Love made overtures about leaving.  Not being able to attract talent to lead a relatively young team should be a glaring sign that Love should and will look elsewhere.

In other news, Rajon Rondo appeared on Good Morning America this morning, shooting hoops with Channing Tatum and Robin Roberts.  After predicting a seven-game series win for the Spurs, he predicted "big changes" for the C's:

If it turns out Channing Tatum is our starting power forward next season, I'm going to be disappointed.

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