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KO's 2014 NBA Draft Guide Preview: Aaron Gordon Scouting Report

Kevin O'Connor's 2014 NBA Draft Guide will be available on June 12th.

Kevin O'Connor

I am excited to announce that I will be releasing my 2014 NBA Draft Guide on Thursday, June 12th. It will feature full-page, full-color scouting reports for my top 60 players in the draft, as well as my complete top 100 big board, a first and second round mock draft, in-depth team previews, and other essays about the draft.

KO's 2014 NBA Draft Guide will be a PDF available for purchase through PayPal as a Pay What You Want, meaning that you can buy it for as much or as little as you'd like.

As a recent college graduate who is struggling myself, I can understand how rough it is out there, so I wanted to be able to give people the option to pay whatever they wanted for it, though I think a fair recommended price is $5.

Below is a preview player page for Aaron Gordon, one of the draft's top prospects. The profiles for the top 60 players will all be just like this with original detailed analysis and scouting notes, as well as their college stats, measurements, and projections.

Click the image to make it full size. This will allow you to scroll and zoom in, though the image will be in much higher quality on the PDF available for purchase on Thursday.


I hope this is something readers of the site have interest in purchasing. I think it's an invaluable resource to have not just on draft night, but throughout the NBA regular season.

If you'd like to see more previews, give me a follow on Twitter at @KevinOConnorNBA, or if you'd like to preorder the 2014 NBA Draft Guide, send me an email at telling me that you're interested.

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