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Will Kevin Love be traded to the Cavs now?

Say it ain't so.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

With LeBron in hand, the Cavs can think even bigger and look to create their own super-team by trading for Kevin Love.  But are they willing to give up their prized rookie asset to do so?

It also sounds like the Warriors are unwilling to give up Klay Thompson in a deal for Love.

Kawakami: The Warriors have no plans to trade Klay Thompson, even if Cleveland (and LeBron) up the ante in the Kevin Love talks

The Warriors still have no plans to offer Klay Thompson to Minnesota for Kevin Love, even if the Cavaliers go hard to acquire Love in the wake of LeBron James’ imminent Cleveland arrival, according to two NBA sources. That’s the word for now: Status quo on the Warriors’ front, even though they want to remain in the hunt for Love.

So does this leave the door open for the Celtics to get back into the bidding?  Especially now that they've added yet another draft pick to their arsenal?  Perhaps, but I find it hard to believe that, given the opportunity, the Cavs won't cave and include Wiggins in the deal.

We'll see though.


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