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Stein: Rockets interested in Rondo (again)

We've heard this rumor before, but with the Rockets striking out on Chris Bosh and not bringing back Chandler Parsons, Daryl Morey will make another run at a Big Three and try to add Rajon Rondo to Dwight Howard and James Harden.

Jared Wickerham

From ESPN's Marc Stein's twitter feed:

The Rockets' interest in Rajon Rondo isn't new to the NBA rumor echo chamber and it made some sense when Houston had Omer Asik (rim protector) and Jeremy Lin (salary filler) in their stable of assets.  There was also a chance a deal could be struck when promising swingman Chandler Parsons was still on the roster at a reasonable price.  Kevin O'Connor mapped out a deal yesterday, but that idea evaporated when Morey decided not to match Dallas' offer sheet, making Parsons a Mav.

But all those players are long gone now in what has been a disastrous off-season for the Rockets with only the free agent signing of Trevor Ariza to show for it.  Of course they're looking to add a third name to the marquee, but it's highly doubtful that they can cobble together enough for Danny Ainge to even consider a trade with Ainge still hoping against hope that he can somehow pair his All-Star point guard with Kevin Love even though he seems ticketed for Cleveland if the Cavs are willing to give up Andrew Wiggins.

There are rumblings that Rondo-to-the-Rockets could require a third team, but it might need some get blown out into four.  With Minnesota, Houston, Boston, and Cleveland all looking to make a deal, could something be worked out in August that would send Rondo to Houston, Love to Cleveland, expiring/non-guaranteed contracts (Bogans, Thornton, Bass, etc.) and young talent (summer league stand outs Anthony Bennett and Kelly Olynyk) and picks to Minnesota, and Wiggins plus scuttlebutt to Boston?  It's probably a pipe dream and I've spent the last twenty minutes on the Trade Machine to make it work; I'm not even sure RR's Connect Four skills could find the assist that would help all four teams.  With LeBron James only signing a two-year deal and Cleveland's long term future still a little blurry, the Cavs have stated that any trade that brings Love to the team won't include Wiggins, but with three GM's blowing up your phone with calls and texts in the "please, please, please, please" variety...

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