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Offseason Update Series: Top 5 Remaining Free Agent Wings for the Boston Celtics

Can Boston find another backup wing in free agency?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's mid-July, your air conditioner isn't working, and sweat is dripping down your face as you sit there looking at your computer waiting for a colossal trade or signing by the Boston Celtics.

The green fireworks haven't come this summer, and despite some minor changes, the offseason has been a dud so far. Hopes of acquiring Kevin Love are still alive, but other options are quickly running out as many of the NBA's top free agents have already signed with new clubs.

But Boston still has their Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level, Bi-Annual, and Minimum Player Salary exceptions available to sign free agents, which could mean they'll become active as we inch towards the end of the hot summer.

Position Overview

Boston currently has six "wings" (small forwards and shooting guards) on the payroll, so it looks like they are set, but it's highly unlikely there's no way that Keith Bogans will be retained, they may not want to rush James Young's development, and there are no guarantees they see Chris Babb as part of the future.

With that said, Boston could look to add another wing as a backup behind Jeff Green, who looks fixated into that starter spot for the time being.

Gerald Wallace is recovering from a serious torn meniscus and bone spurs, and at 32-years-old, he is clearly nearing the end of his career. Even though he makes $10.1 million, Boston probably isn't going to give him playing time over guys they feel can develop (unless they're looking to boost his trade value, which is null).

That's why Chris Johnson and Chris Babb's role on the team are potentially important, assuming James Young isn't thrown into the fire. Johnson and Babb are solid role players (on a losing team), and work as placeholders before Young is really ready to play.

But if Boston is serious about competing next season, then adding another proven player at wing will be quite helpful. Finding someone who can consistently produce with occasional scoring outbursts would absolutely fill a hole.

Unfortunately, the free market has been stripped of them, so Danny Ainge and the front office are left with picking from the scraps. Here are five of the best wings available:

The Do-It-Alls

Evan Turner (Last Team: Indiana)

It's surprising that a productive all-around player like Evan Turner receives so much flack and is labeled as a "bust." Turner isn't going to wow you in any single category, but he's a great rebounder and passer for his position, can defend multiple positions, and he can heat up as a scorer. He hasn't met the high expectations set for him, but he sure is serviceable, especially for a "bust."

Boston's rumored interest in Turner is encouraging because he would bolster their depth at wing, giving them quite a unique player. If he's signed, fans can't expect him to suddenly reach his potential, but he's a player who will provide something every night he's on the floor.

Don't fall into the trap of believing he's a worthless player, all because of some baseless and unintelligent media hype, because he isn't: Evan Turner can make a positive impact for any basketball team he plays for.

Chris Douglas-Roberts (Last Team: Charlotte)

Players who float around the NBA without a home like Chris Douglas-Roberts often get lost in the shuffle, but he managed to flash the potential of a quality role player late last season when Charlotte gave him a chance to play. "CDR" played with energy, showing significant improvements on the defensive end of the floor.

But it's actually CDR's developed shooting that could help him stick in the pros. Last year he shot 43.6 percent on 101 spot up three-point attempts, an extremely high rate, and could help spread the floor for the team he signs with.

Even though Douglas-Roberts still needs to cut down on his sloppiness, including careless fouls and turnovers, he has solid ball handling and passing skills, making him a potential fit in the motion offense.

The Specialists

Jordan Hamilton (Last Team: Houston)

Going back to his college career at Texas, Jordan Hamilton has been a gunslinger from three-point range, but he hasn't improved enough in other areas of his game to warrant consistent playing time. At only 23-years-old, he made some strides last year on the defensive end, so there is hope for him; maybe the Celtics believe he has more upside than the likes of Chris Johnson and Chris Babb.

Al-Farouq Aminu (Last Team: New Orleans)

Drafted for athleticism, Al-Farouq Aminu still has a spot in the league despite being a spacing killer offensively. Aminu is a tremendous rebounder for his position and is a very good defender, but he might be forever limited unless he finally develops a reliable three-pointer.

Wesley Johnson (Last Team: L.A. Lakers)

"Could Wesley Johnson become a prototypical "3-and-D" player?" That's the question people have been asking since he was drafted 4th in 2010. Now 27-years-old, Johnson is going to have to start proving it, though he did show signs as a role player last year with Los Angeles. He's always been a solid defender but his offense has never developed, so it was encouraging to see his three-pointer jump to 36.9 percent. If he can sustain that success, then there is a slight chance he'll carve out a role in the NBA.

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