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Rumor: Pistons and Kings discussing Josh Smith trade (again)

Here we go again with the connecting of dots.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The big names in free agency have mostly found homes so the league seems to be shifting back into trade talks mode.  Already we've heard that the much discussed discussions between Golden State and Minnesota have re-started (though neither team seems to have budged from where they were before).  Now we get word that the Kings and Pistons are in talks about Josh Smith again.

Detroit Pistons, Sacramento Kings resume Josh Smith trade talk - ESPN

Initial talks called for Sacramento to send Jason Thompson and either Derrick Williams or Jason Terry to the Pistons for Smith, but those discussions reached an impasse and were pushed into July along with the rest of both teams' free-agent business, sources said.

Sounds like they've hit a snag and will need a 3rd team to help facilitate the deal.

Oh, and hey.  In case you haven't heard this 1,000 times, Josh Smith is Rajon Rondo's old H.S. classmate and good friend.  So, ...connect whatever mythical dots you want there!

Another potential bonus is Smith's close relationship with Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo, whom Sacramento has been targeting in trade talks for some time.

Obviously the Kings have been rumored to want Rondo in the past and I'm sure there's still interest there.  Come to think of it, the Pistons have been mentioned as a possible destination for Rondo as well (though again, the Josh Smith connection seemed to be a motivating factor).  I'm not sure if either team has what the Celtics would want or how they could feature in a 3 team trade (with or without Rondo involved) but I'm sure we'll hear a few more rumblings about this as the days progress.

Just another rumor from around the league to keep an eye on.

Update: If you like, you can see a short conversation that I had with Jeff Goodman about Rondo on twitter here.  Apparently he's talked to players around the league that wouldn't want to play with Rondo.

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