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Way too early power rankings have Celtics at 26th

This means nothing. Let's get fired up and argue about it!

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It is way too early to be doing power rankings, but ...I can't resist looking.  I mean, we don't even know if the Cavs are getting Love yet.  Once a Love deal happens, you might see a number of teams switch to contingency plans or at least make smaller deals they were holding off on until seeing what happens with that situation.  Not as dramatic as with the LeBron saga, but on a minor scale.

There's still a lot of offseason to go and things could still happen (though admittedly the bulk of moves have probably already been completed).  So all of this could change and perhaps quite drastically.

Still, it is fun to see where the media is projecting the teams in power rankings.  Turns out that John Schuhmann of has the Celtics ranked 26th.  Right behind the Lakers (ugh) and just ahead of the Magic.  The Bucks, Jazz, and 76ers round out the bottom of the league, which looks awfully familiar (pun intended on the word awful).

Here's the Celtics burb.

LeBron's move brings parity to the East |

Rajon Rondo is a four-time All-Star, but hasn't run an above-average offense in four years. And though the Celtics now have six first-round picks under the age of 25 on their roster, the one with the best potential (Marcus Smart) plays the same position as Rondo. Danny Ainge is still waiting to make his big move.

Way up at the top there are the usual suspects of San Antonio, OKC, the Clippers, but the Mavs are surprisingly high in my opinion at 4.  The Cavs move all the way up to 7, just behind the Bulls (6th) for 2nd best in the East.

This is all meaningless of course, but it is interesting to see how things are shaping up around the league.

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