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James Young is cleared to play

Updates on the other draft pick.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

James Young missed several pre-draft workouts and Summer League due to a neck injury stemming from a car accident.  Sounds like he also had a concussion that probably led to the Celtics being extra cautious with him in Summer League.  He was in Kentucky for a youth camp and spoke to reporters.

Kentucky's James Young, now a Boston Celtic, talks injury, 40-0 hype, rivalries

On missing the summer league: "It was tough for me, because I had a concussion. I got a chance to meet with some of the guys and stuff like that. Great team, great facility, and the coaching is really great. So I had a chance to just walk around and talk to some of the guys about their past experiences and stuff like that. They're a bunch of great guys."

On whether he's good to go health-wise now: "Yeah, I just got cleared a few days ago, so I'm good now."

Other bullet points:

  • Sounds like he hasn't talked to Rajon Rondo yet, but only because they haven't been in Boston at the same time yet.
  • Celtics want him to work on his footwork and using his right hand (he's a lefty).
  • He needs some coaching on the Celtics history but at least he got "17 championships" and "Larry Bird." That's a start.
  • His former teammate Julius Randle now plays for the Lakers.
  • Oh yeah, and he cut his hair.

Young has a lot of guys to beat out if he wants to earn playing time this year, but it seems like he can play the 2 and the 3, so at least he's versatile.  Should be interesting to watch him in Preseason.

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