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No Love, no fireworks, no problem? A quick recap of where the Celtics stand

In case you were in a coma, or stuck at a comma, or stuck trying to think of the perfect comment, here's your Cliff Notes.

Darren McCollester

Not a ton of news right now, so let us take a moment to reflect on how we got to this point (while linking to and quoting several articles posted in the last couple of days).  Blogging!

Remember back when Wyc Grousbeck talked about potential "fireworks" this summer?  That didn't work out so well, but he doesn't regret making the remark.

Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck doesn’t regret fireworks comment - Sports - The Boston Globe

"No, if you go back and look at what I said, I said we were hoping for fireworks. I didn’t promise them," said Grousbeck in a telephone interview Monday. "We tried as hard as we could. July 4 has come and gone, but there is still a lot of effort and hope that eventually with all those first-round picks and other possible assets that at some point I would imagine something would happen, whether it’s this year or next.

So all is not lost just because we missed out on Kevin Love.  In fact, you could make the argument that the Celtics might have just dodged a bullet.  In fact, Brian Robb makes that argument right here.

Three Reasons the Celtics May Not Regret Missing Out on Kevin Love - Celtics Blog -

It’s not a direct knock on either player, but a Rondo/Love led team not being a contender is a possibility. The fact that the Celtics would have had to sacrifice several young players and picks for Love would complicate things from a team-building standpoint for Ainge.

Even if we don't make a big trade this season, we always dream about all the cap space that we'll have next offseason.  In fact, Ben Rohrbach does so right here.  Two big names that caught my eye on his list happen to be litterally big guys.

Green Street " Irish Coffee: If not Kevin Love, then who?

Marc Gasol: Once the other brother in the 2008 trade that sent Pau Gasol to the Lakers, Marc submitted his first All-Star season in 2012 and a Defensive Player of the Year campaign a year later before a knee injury kept him from 23 games this past season. If the Grizzlies take another step back this year, he could be ripe for the picking.

Roy Hibbert (player option): Slated to make $14.3 million this season, the 7-foot-2 center regressed over the past year, submitting the worst player efficiency rating of his career and a second straight sub-50.0 true shooting percentage in 2013-14. Still, his relationship with fellow Georgetown product Jeff Green could be a recruiting tool.

But next offseason is a long way away and the current state of the team centers around one very important player.  You probably already know who.  Via Peter May.

Celtics have not had a momentous summer in 2014

So not having another star right away doesn’t automatically preclude Rondo from re-signing. But it would help if he had someone else because, right now, the Celtics of 2014-15 don’t appear to be a whole lot better than the Celtics of 2013-14. If that’s the case, Rondo would face a decision of taking the big money and staying in Boston or taking the nearly-as-big money and going somewhere else to play with a championship contender. Or the Celtics could relieve him of that decision by trading him. There are a lot of balls in the air on this one but in this particular solar system, Rondo is the sun. Everything revolves around him.

So are we all caught up?  Well of course you are, you read CelticsBlog every day so none of this was new to you.  Hey, you don't think this was just another excuse to mask recycled non-news material into a link/quote dump article and pass it off as "content" do you?  Nah, I wouldn't do that to you.


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