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Rumors: Celtics interested in Lance Stephenson? No longer in the market for Humphries

A few early Monday evening rumors for you to chew on.

Mike Ehrmann

Here's one that I don't totally get (aside from Danny's penchant for going for guys with big talent and big issues).

I guess that would have to be a sign and trade.  I don't know what to think of that but I'm not excited about stocking up on more crazy.

Celtics Are Reportedly Interested in Lance Stephenson - Celtics Blog -

Boston does not currently have the salary cap space to offer Stephenson more than the midlevel exception ($5.3 million) but the team does have the ability to acquire him via a sign-and-trade if the two sides agree to terms. Boston has a $10.3 million trade exception which allows them to absorb the salary that Stephenson would command (around $10 million/year) without having to send back any salary in a sign-and-trade if they were to strike a deal with Indiana.

Hey, how about getting Stephenson to agree to a sign-and-trade to the Wolves as part of a Kevin Love trade?

Anyway, here's a different kind of rumor.  It sounds like our days with Humphries might be coming to a close.

In his early days with the Celtics, everyone wanted him out of town.  Then he became pretty well respected among fans.  Apparently he's earned some respect around the league as well.

I have no idea where this offseason is heading.  None.

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