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Woj: Cleveland to pursue Kevin Love trade if they sign LeBron James; will Boston lose out?

Would Cleveland do anything for Love...even trade Andrew Wiggins?


Earlier today the Boston Celtics completed a deal that opened up the cap space to allow the Cleveland Cavaliers to freely offer LeBron James a max contract. To the surprise of many, some people have begun to realize that the Cavs could follow up the potential signing of LBJ with a blockbuster trade for Kevin Love.

Throughout the day news has begun to trickle out about this plan, but Adrian Wojnarowski just dropped the bomb:

If you remember two weeks ago, I outlined a deal that would've helped the Cavaliers acquire both LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. While that deal appears extremely unlikely impossible at this point in time, the focus of my article was to show that crazy, unimaginable things can happen.

And certainly, if the Cavs do sign LeBron away from the Miami Heat, it would be wild if they turned around and dealt Andrew Wiggins as a part of a package for Kevin Love. It's nice to finally see some of the national media catching up with this line of thinking, because I think it would be a genius move by Cavs general manager David Griffin. Even though Wiggins could very well become a great player, there is a much larger chance that he never reaches Kevin Love's level of talent.

But that doesn't bode well for Boston's chances of acquiring Love, because it's hard to envision them being able to top a package including Wiggins, and possibly players like Anthony Bennett and Dion Waiters.

Even though Boston is better able to trade a combination of draft picks, proven players, and young players, Cleveland still has the biggest chip available in Wiggins.

Personally, I still think Boston could offer more, but it doesn't mean that Minnesota would pass up on Wiggins. No one can get into the mind of Flip Saunders, but after his embarrassing choice of Zach LaVine with the 13th pick last June, it's reasonable to assume that he is obsessed with the players with the most upside -- even if there are safer players available who still have lots of talent.

Not to mention that multiple reports have indicated that Saunders isn't too in love with any of the talent Boston is offering. Even though players like Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger could turn into quality players, neither of them have Wiggins' elite upside, and none of the draft picks Boston can offer do either.

Remember, this is all contingent on LeBron James actually signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers; if he doesn't, Cleveland certainly wouldn't be going after Love, according to Woj. Boston still has a very good chance of acquiring him, but their chances will drop dramatically if LBJ returns home.

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