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Grade the Celtics offseason (ESPN's Summer Forecast series)

What grade would you give this offseason thus far?

Darren McCollester

Chris Forsberg is starting up his annual Summer Forecast series and he started off by looking back at the offseason thus far.  Click the link for views from several writers around the Internet, including a couple from CelticsBlog.  Here's one from Bill Sy (wjsy) who gave the offseason a full 5 stars:

Summer Forecast preview: Offseason grade - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Sometimes, you try and trade apples for prime rib. When that doesn't work, you look for deals on apples for oranges. And if all else fails, you keep your apples and turn lemons into lemonade. [Editor's note: Somewhere, Kevin Garnett nodded along in approval of that extended food analogy] That's been the Celtics' offseason so far. After missing out on rumored deals for Love, Asik, and/or moving up in the draft, Ainge turned an expiring trade exception into Zeller and Thornton, completed a sign-and-trade with Humphries to generate another TPE for next season, and signed low-risk, high-reward Turner. Those aren't exactly fireworks, but by turning assets that he was going to lose anyway into players that could help later, he's setting the franchise up for the future. For Celtics fans, just look at how the rival Lakers have fared the last two summers. They got nothing when Dwight Howard left, garnered zero assets in Pau Gasol's departure, and could potentially get nothing in return for Steve Nash. While Boston is flush with options, Los Angeles will go through another season with limited prospects.

Food analogies = instant win.

So how about you?  How would you grade this offseason?

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