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Summer Forecast: Predict the Celtics record next season

Put yourself on record.

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Here's a fun game we play every year.  Predict the Celtics record.

Forsberg continues his Summer Forecast series with this basic question.  What do you think the Celtics record will be next year?

Our writers represent a wide range of guesses.  Bill Sy (wjsy) predicts a gaudy 38-44 mark.  Kevin O'Connor expects more pain and predicts 27-55.  I'm in between them, but shaded on the more optimistic side with 34 wins.

Here's Kevin's dour outlook explained.

Summer Forecast: On the record - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Boston’s roster is much more talented than it was last season thanks to the new additions and the probable development of young players, but so is the entire Eastern Conference. The Celtics will probably pick up a few more wins in tight contests (they were 9-14 in games decided by 5 points or less in last year), especially since it’s Stevens’ second season as head coach. But fans really shouldn’t be expecting more than 30 to 35 wins unless a move is made for an impact player to pair with point guard Rajon Rondo.

Who will be closest?  We'll have to wait till next year to find out.  Speaking of which, looking back to last year, it seems I might have overshot the win total by a little bit.  I was expecting a nice round number of 30 wins when in fact the Celtics only managed 25.  So calibrate my prediction accordingly.  Also, if you are a long time active member, you might have made a prediction in the comments below that post.  So feel free to call yourself out (but please, be nice to others).

Oh, and here's a nice poll for the more annonymous readers (Register and comment you lurkers!  We won't bite.)

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