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Olynyk's injury "not career-ending" (wink, wink)

ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg caught up with the well-traveled Kelly Olynyk and got an update on the big man's wrist injury that forced him to miss the rest of Team Canada's summer tour.

Jared Wickerham

Here's the injury update:

He confirmed an internet rumor that he tweaked his right wrist while landing awkwardly during a fall while overseas.

Olynyk was coy on the injury, but downplayed concerns. He wasn't wearing a brace and didn't seem cautious while distributing high-5s to the kids as they bounded off a bus in front of Canobie (one of them attaching themselves to Olynyk's leg and seemingly unwilling to let go).

"It'll be alright," Olynyk said of his wrist. Told how even minor injuries tend to become big stories in these parts, he playfully added, "It's not career-ending."

Phew.  An earlier fan' report was a little sketchy about KO's wrist, so it's good to see him back stateside and unconcerned about his wrist.  He missed the final two games of his national team's exhibition schedule in Europe and his absence seems precautionary, but when he participated, he was ballin'.  In a match-up against Spain, he fared well against the three-headed monster of the Gasol Brothers and Serge Ibaka and turned in a complete effort of 8 points, 8 rebounds, and two assists after battling through foul trouble through most of the game.  He's turned in an impressive summer and should be expected to be a focal point of Brad Stevens' plans in the immediate and extended future.

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