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Report: Brooklyn Nets will open season against the Boston Celtics

Get ready to start circling dates.

Al Bello

The NBA is expected to release their schedule today (apparently on NBA TV at 6PM but I have a feeling it will become available through the media sometime before that).

One date involving the Celtics that has already been leaked is the Nets opener (and presumably the Celtics opener as well, but that isn't spelled out here):

Sources: Brooklyn Nets to open at Boston, play first home game vs. Oklahoma City Thunder - NetsDaily

League sources tell NetsDaily that the Nets will open the 2014-15 season vs. the Celtics in Boston on October 29, then after a second road game, reportedly vs. the Wizards, will return to Brooklyn to face the Oklahoma City Thunder on November 3. The opener vs Boston will once again give Celtics fans a chance to honor Kevin Garnett, but Paul Pierce has moved on to Washington, who the Nets will reportedly play in their second game of the season.

I wonder if the Nets will have a tribute video for Marcus Thornton.

There are a few more rumors out there about scheduled games, but none of them involve the Celtics (who aren't really expected to be a big draw this year).

2014-2015 NBA schedule to be released Wednesday 6 p.m. ET -

The LA Times reported last week that the Clippers and Warriors will play on Christmas. That's likely the late game of the quintuple-header, as it was last year. Cavaliers-Heat is all but confirmed from multiple sources for a Christmas spot, so those two, plus Knicks-Wizards and a reported Lakers-Bulls game leaves just one other game, likely the late afternoon game following the prime time matchup.

In fact, I'm wondering just how many nationally televised games (not counting NBA TV) that the Celtics will appear in this year.  I'm guessing not very many (though there's always a game or two against the Lakers you can count on).

What matchups will you be excited about?  Nets? Wizards? Cavs? Clippers?

Oh yeah, and in case anyone is wondering, one key date that we already know about for the Celtics is the Trade Deadline, which will be 3:00 PM on February 19th.  So there's that.  (I haven't heard a date for the draft lottery yet.)

Back to the Nets - Celtics game, here's hoping that we get a little more of this playful KG trash talking of Rajon Rondo. Too funny.

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