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Who will exceed expectations for the Celtics next year?

Hopefully everybody.

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Chris Forsberg continues his Summer Forecast series with a funny kind of question.  Which Celtics player will most exceed expectations this season?

I say it is funny (not ha ha funny) because expectations are different for everyone.  I might expect Rondo to have a huge season this year and some might expect him to be sub-par (or gone anyway).  Asking me who I think will be better than what I think they will be kinda makes my brain hurt.

Still, I think Chris is getting at the general consensus expectations for each player.  But even there you start getting into the "overrated vs. underrated" discussion where sometimes players are overrated so much that people start to underrate them (and vice versa).  I digress (assuming there was a point to begin with).

Here are a couple of opinions from the writers on this staff about who will exceed expectations.

Summer Forecast: Exceeds expectations - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Kevin O'Connor, CelticsBlog (Evan Turner) Turner is a 39.2 percent 3-point shooter on spot-ups since 2012 and is a highly intelligent off-ball player, yet he was blatantly misused for three seasons in Doug Collins’ system. However, he started to develop under Brett Brown and I expect him to continue to with Stevens by improving on his efficiency. You’ll see less isolation, and more pick-and-roll and spot ups from Turner, maybe even some post-ups if the matchup mismatch is there.

Bill Sy, CelticsBlog (Jeff Green) The bar will be set low for Jeff Green after a disappointing tryout last season as The Man, but he should be poised for a bounce-back year. The focus will shift to Rajon Rondo (on and off the court), hype will surround Marcus Smart, and expectations will be shouldered by Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger. With Green out of the spotlight, he'll blossom into a more suitable role as the complete complementary player.

Who do you think will outperform the general consensus expectations?

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