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Tim Frazier of Penn St. gets camp contract from Celtics

Another point guard?

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Just in case the Celtics didn't have enough point guards in training camp, they're set up to have another now.

Penn State Basketball: Tim Frazier Signs Training Camp Deal with Boston Celtics

Full details have yet to be announced, but Penn State will have a player in an NBA camp for the first time since Calvin Booth left the league in 2009*. Originally relayed by Pat Chambers and later confirmed by the athletic department, Tim Frazier has agreed to a contract with the Boston Celtics and will join the team for their upcoming training camp this Fall.

The 6'1" 170 lb. guard is the school's all time assist leader.  He sounds like a talented guy, but the big knock on his game (aside from his height) is his shooting.

So your team signed Tim Frazier to its summer league roster... - BT Powerhouse

Frazier could do a lot of things as point guard at Penn State. He could pass, break down a defense with dribble penetration, run the fast break, and even finish at the rim. Long distance shooting was often an issue, though. In his breakout season of 2011-12, Frazier hit 31.4 percent of his three-pointers. In 2013-14, that figure shrunk to 29.1 percent. There are plenty of successful point guards in the NBA who aren't lethal from beyond the arc, but those players are often superior in other way ways to make up for it.

Man, that sounds familiar.  I'm starting to think the Danny Ainge has a "type" of point guard he's looking for.  Great at everything except shooting.  Rondo, Smart, Pressey, Frazier.  Maybe Ainge thinks shooting is overrated.

Anyone know anything else about this kid?  Feel free to share in the comments or even a FanPost.

It is worth noting that a training camp contract is not guaranteed.  Frazier is probably a long shot to make the team, especially as the roster is already overloaded.  So maybe this is another sign that a trade will take place.

I'm sure someone will point out that this OBVIOUSLY means we're trading Rondo.  I mean, sure, anything could happen.  Or perhaps more likely, the team is considering a much smaller move where they have to trade away Phil Pressey and want to have a 3rd string point guard that could take his place.

Most likely, it just means that the Celtics are taking a look at a guy they want to have on the Maine Red Claws next year.  Teams are allowed to "affiliate" up to 4 players from camp to their D-League team.


Boston Celtics rumors 2014: Tim Frazier headed to training camp? |

Last year, the Celtics had four players on training camp deals. Chris Babb, Kammron Taylor, DeShawn Sims and Damen Bell-Holter were all released, but invited to play for the Red Claws. Babb was promoted to the Celtics in February and ultimately signed with the team for the rest of the season.

Anyway, it is certainly something to think about with little other Celtics news going on.

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