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Which Celtic will underachieve this year?

What's the over/under on underachievers over in Boston?

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See, I'm not even going to put up a poll this time. First of all, there's no general consensus about who might underachieve, secondly someone always comments about which options are wrong on my polls (and I'm like, really, really sensitive and stuff), and thirdly people don't really care about poll results (shhh, don't tell anyone).

Hey, here's some bloggers talking about underachieving players! What haters huh?

Summer Forecast: Biggest underachiever? - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Bill Sy, CelticsBlog (Brandon Bass) It kills me to mention Bass here. He was one of my team MVP's last year and he's been a pillar of consistency and steady improvement for all three of his tears in Boston. It won't necessarily be his fault that his numbers will be down, but with the team rebuilding and his contract expiring, his playing time will decline, his production will take a hit, and he'll probably be gone by the deadline.

Kevin O'Connor (Chris Johnson) I’m in the minority since I really don’t think Chris Johnson is that talented outside of his maniacal hustling (and I love him for that). But shooting inconsistencies have plagued Johnson since college, and if he’s not hitting shots he’s not going to play. His man-to-man and off-ball defense have a long way to go, so it’s hard to see him winning much playing time over the other wings; he might not even make the team.

As for me?  I love all the Celtics.  They're all winners to me.  They are all going to overachieve and win the championship this year.  Then they will solve world hunger and create peace all over the world.  Then maybe, ...just maybe, they'll conquer the biggest problem facing the human race.  What to do about Justin Beiber.

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