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What's the worst trade you can come up with on ESPN's Trade Machine?

Give us your worst.

Here's a fun game to kill some time.  Go to ESPN's Trade Machine and come up with a Celtics trade.  Yes, I know you probably do this all the time.  Who hasn't gone in and (just for fun) plugged in Kevin Durant and tried to figure out some comically lopsided trade to get him in a Celtics uniform?  But this is different.  I don't want your "best" trades, I want your worst.

When you complete a trade proposal in the machine, it spits out some John Hollinger formula that tells you how many wins you've added or subtracted to the teams.  The goal here is to reduce the Celtics win total by as much as possible (a.k.a. the Hinkie plan).

Obviously all the rules of the trade machine have to be followed.  So there are some restrictions and salaries have to match up within reason.  Part of the fun of this is knowing which teams have a lot of flexibility, like say the Sixers ability to add about $31M in salary.  Also, if you are taking players back, getting busts and overpaid players always helps tank your win total.

So have fun with it and post your trades (remember to "save" them and use the link under the words "Share your trade" to post it here.  Or a screencapture will work if you know how to do that.  And if all else fails, just tell us the names and someone will help you out (and maybe improve upon your idea).

Winner is the one with the most wins reduced.  Enjoy.

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