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How good will Marcus Smart be this year?

It depends.

Ethan Miller

Today's Summer Forecast topic is Marcus Smart.  Specifically what we can expect from him this year.  Forsberg provided the following categories he could fall into.  (1) All-Rookie team; (2) Rotation player with immediate impact; (3) Role player with limited impact; and (4) D-League.

Here's what a couple of us had to say.

Summer Forecast: Smart's start - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

Bill Sy, CelticsBlog (Rotation player) After watching him in summer league and hearing nothing but good things about his participation in USA Basketball's training camp, I'm absolutely sold on this kid. He affects the game in so many ways and although that won't always translate in the box score, those intangibles will solidify a spot for him in Stevens' rotation, but it just won't be enough to get him on the All-Rookie team.

Jeff Clark, CelticsBlog (All-Rookie) I think he'll be the first guard off the bench playing along side either Rondo or Bradley or even in some sets with both of them. He'll establish himself as a top notch defender and develop his offensive game throughout the year. If he isn't traded he should be an excellent player for years to come.

I think part of my rationale for putting him on the All Rookie team is the fact that he was drafted so high.  It was a pretty solid draft class, but Smart was right up there with the best of them and he figures to be one of the more NBA ready rookies.

One big question mark about Smart this year will be exactly what role he'll have.  I mentioned that I think he'll be used heavily in our rotation but if he can't find minutes then he might just have to settle for a slower rate of progress.  Conversely, if one of our starting guards is traded, you might see his role increase exponentially (ready or not).

So what are your expectations for Smart?

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