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Yup, the Celtics are still trying to clear roster space for training camp

Situation normal.


Today's breaking news is that there is no breaking news.  I love lamp.

Notes: Celtics’ Avery Bradley keeping a healthy outlook - Sports - The Boston Globe

While the Celtics are trying to figure out ways to clear roster space before training camp, moving Rondo is not a high priority. First off, Rondo will be a free agent next summer and fully intends on taking the LeBron James-Carmelo Anthony tour of teams and extending the negotiation process deep into next summer. It is highly unlikely Rondo would sign an extension this season with an interested team, especially the Sacramento Kings. Second, the Celtics don’t feel pressed to deal Rondo because they are still trying to determine if he’s part of the future and they are intrigued to see him in action a full 18 months following ACL surgery

Oh, did I bury the lede?  Washburn starts off with talking about clearing roster space (which is a reasonable, likely goal for Ainge and crew).  Then he lays on several sentences about Rajon Rondo.  I guess that makes sense, I'm not sure how many people outside the readers of this blog are really at the edge of their seats on the whole debate over "do they keep Chris Johnson or Chris Babb?"  I mean, if we're lucky we might get a trade exception for Keith Bogans.

We're just going to have to get used to Rajon Rondo rumors, updates, and rehashing of minutia (err, I mean "analysis").  I'll try to keep it to a dull roar on this site, I really will.  But the urge to use any tid bit of "news" to start a post is pretty overwhelming in the dog days of summer.

Apologies in advance but this is going to be a story (both here and around the media) right on up to the trade deadline (at which point the story will quickly change to "will he re-sign here or bolt for elsewhere?").  Enjoy! Or you know, take a really long vacation to somewhere that only has Aussie Rules Football on the tele. OY!

(By the way, if you missed this in-depth look at what our roster options are and why Evan Turner isn't signed yet, please click and read up.)

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