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Boston Celtics ticket prices rising on secondary market

Diehards die hard.

Jared Wickerham

As you might know, tickets for Celtics games have gone on sale.  As I'm sure you know, there's a secondary ticket market where resellers buy and sell tickets for a profit.  The rates go up and down according to supply and demand (and other magical forces I don't fully understand).  You'd think that tickets for a rebuilding team coming off a 25 win year would be fairly cheap this year.  But you'd be incorrect according to Forbes.

After Rebuilding Season, Celtics Tickets Up 204% On Secondary Market

While Celtics tickets aren’t the most expensive in the league this year, they are significantly more expensive than they were last season. Last year the ticket average was just $59.08, and only four games had an average over $100. This season the average price is $179.56, a 204% increase from last season.

Even if the Celtics aren't a serious championship contender, there will still be plenty of expensive games on the Celtics schedule at the TD Garden. On the secondary market, Celtics vs Cleveland Cavaliers tickets for both games in Boston have an average price above $300. There are also nine other games with an average price above $200, a season after only four games averaged over $100. Those games include playoff teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets, but they also include games against lottery teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks.

Green runs deep apparently.  And you better save up your green to get to the games.

(h/t Red's Army)

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