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Poll indicates that Celtics are least popular major pro team in Boston

Next year the Celtics will be wearing these new alternative jerseys.

Jared Wickerham

Channel Media & Market Research did a survey of local Boston area sports fans.  Turns out that the Celtics are well behind the other major pro teams in terms of popularity.

Here’s how fans score Boston sports | Boston Herald

The Patriots were chosen as the favorite team by 42 percent of those polled. Despite their dismal year, the Red Sox came in second, scoring with 30 percent of the respondents, while the Bruins grabbed 21 percent. The rebuilding Celtics took just 6 percent to the Revolution’s 1 percent.

Note: I suppose my blog post title is an inadvertent dig at the Revolution.  I just don't see soccer as an American sport being on the level as the big 4 of football, baseball, hockey, and basketball.

Bruins Breathing Down Red Sox' Necks in Fan Popularity, Survey Says - bruins blog -

Who would have though a decade ago that the Bruins, who saw themselves finish in the Northeast Division basement in back-to-back years after the 2004-05 NHL lockout, would have climbed to within 10 percent of catching the Red Sox for fan popularity among Boston’s major sports teams?

It is kind of surprising that the team has fallen this far (though admittedly I'm not sure where they ranked in prior years, but I'd venture a guess that they were higher in 2008 and the few years following the KG trade).

Keep in mind that this poll asked the polled audience who their "favorite" team was.  I'm not sure how the numbers would have looked if fans were asked to rank them and weight the average that way, but who knows?

Clearly we have to start converting more fans to the Celtics.  Get them in on the ground floor and reap the benefits when they hoist their next Banner!

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