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Rajon Rondo didn't demand a trade, according to the Boston Herald

Jim Rogash

Who knew we'd be playing a Rajon Rondo edition of "he said, she said" this weekend. A spokeswoman for Rondo's agent says that the Boston Celtics' captain didn't demand a trade, according to the Boston Herald's Mark Murphy.

This, like Jackie MacMullan's report that Rondo "wants out," is a non-story as far as I'm concerned. I don't think Rondo would demand a trade, so Murphy's report is likely accurate, but I do think there is probably an understanding between the front office and him that if things don't turn around this season, then there is a greater chance he bolts next summer.

And it doesn't take media reports to deny or confirm any of that. It's obvious that Rondo has a deep desire to win that can only be matched by players like Kobe Bryant. But it's also clear that Rondo is invested into the Celtics tradition, and would love to see "9" hanging in the rafters someday. Players are immortal if they succeed in Boston and you don't get that many other places.

But winning is the main objective for Rondo and his future likely hinges on that, which certainly won't be determined by anything he said or didn't say this summer. Over the course of the season Boston's win-loss total will likely decide Rondo's fate, though even then it'll take another dance partner for Danny Ainge to pull the trigger on any deal.

If you get anything from my two articles today, please let it be this: Promise not to overreact to any Rondo rumor that is released before mid-December. Maybe then we can start giving them some attention, because right now we're just wasting our time.

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