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Smart and Young look good in green as Ainge tries to trim roster

As the Celtics usher in fresh new talent in James Young and Marcus Smart to invigorate the franchise, Ainge looks to clear cap room and roster space for the influx of youngsters.

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Yesterday was the NBA Rookie photo shoot and Celtics' first rounders Marcus Smart and James Young were saying the right things and looking good in green:

Because of his injury and absence at the Orlando Summer League, we haven't seen or heard much from James Young.  After suffering a concussion in a car accident, he's been cleared to play and sporting a new look with the shaved head.  Ainge has whiffed on these type of upside picks in the past, but Young seems polished at only 18.  He teamed up with Smart for some nice dunks in the impromptu jam session that broke out at the photoshoot and it'll be great to seem them grow together over the next handful of years.

Here's the "basketball is a business" angle of the story from the Globe's Gary Washburn as Danny Ainge looks to clear cap room and roster space for Smart, Young, and the newest Celtic, Evan Turner:

An NBA source said the Celtics are working to clear roster space over the next few weeks in order to make room for Evan Turner in the rotation. The Celtics aren't expected to announce the signing until those moves are made, although the sides have reached an agreement. The Celtics have 18 players on their roster, including the nonguaranteed deals of Keith Bogans, Chris Babb, and Chris Johnson. The Celtics really like Johnson's work ethic, but he averaged just 6.6 points in the five summer league games and shot 30.6 percent from the field and 18.8 percent from the 3-point line. The fact Johnson and Babb each played in all five games was a testament that team officials were taking a long look as to whether they would make a contribution next season. The Celtics would love to use Bogans's contract in a trade that would perhaps net a draft pick and create salary-cap space and have been holding onto that option. It is uncertain if the Celtics would waive Bogans before the season or offer a camp invitation since he has been away from the team since February.

With a need to cut 18 down to 15, the most likely options are 1) trading away Bogans to a team looking to clear cap space with his inflated yet non-guaranteed contract for draft pick compensation, 2) packing Babb or Johnson with an expiring contract like Brandon Bass, Marcus Thornton, or Joel Anthony, or 3) cutting all three outright.  Ideally, options #1 and #2 are preferable, but the world probably won't start turning again until Kevin Love is finally dealt to Cleveland later this month.

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