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Danny Ainge is in no rush to do anything

If no fireworks, then no biggie.

No new news here, which is pretty standard for this time of year.  There are no pending deadlines, no rush to secure free agents, and no apparent impending trades happening.  There is the Kevin Love deal which is all but done but not completely done.  So some minor deals might be on hold until that is resolved on the off chance that assets could be moved as part of a multi-team deal.

The Celtics have obviously been looking to trade Brandon Bass and probably Jeff Green and others as well.  But Danny Ainge is always looking for value and if he doesn't get what he's looking for, he's really not going to be in a hurry to sell his assets short.

For one thing, the team is still milling about at a crossroads. Uncertain if they should jump full steam into rebuilding (by trading Rondo) or making another effort to put some stars around him.  Option B might not happen until mid-season or next Summer either.  So you can see that Danny has nothing but time.

Training camp typically provides a few minor opportunities to make roster moves.  Teams get surprise injuries and out of shape players and decide that they have to plug some holes that they didn't anticipate over the summer.  Bass might be a good short term answer for a team like that.  Or perhaps he'll be dangled at the trade deadline in a similar way.

As it stands now, this team isn't going to be all that competitive.  They'll compete every night, but barring big roster changes they'll probably be in the lottery again.  In that case, there's really no rush to make a move of any kind.  Rondo's situation is what it is and making a minor move isn't going to impact it in either direction.

Perhaps something will shake out when Kevin Love is finally traded.  Maybe Ainge will make a move in training camp.  Or maybe we'll just roll with what we've got (after some roster cuts) and see what happens mid-season.  Regardless, no new news is not necessarily bad news, it is just no new news.

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