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The "should the Celtics trade Rajon Rondo?" debate continues

It goes on and on and on and on...

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Kevin Love has been traded (in principle).  That ship has sailed.  So now the next obvious step for the Celtics is to trade Rondo... right?  Or not so much.  Both sides have valid arguments and it is a topic worth discussing.  I'm burnt out on the topic for the time being (I say keep him) so I'll just quote other writers.  Enjoy!

The Trade Rondo Camp:

Green Street " What Kevin Love trade means for Celtics

Privately, Ainge & Co. have to be weighing the fact a trio of All-Stars under the age of 30 — all of whom seem set on staying in Cleveland for the foreseeable future — makes the Cavaliers a favorite to win the East for the next five years. Even if you prefer a healthy Rondo to Irving (and I may be in the minority who do), there are no two players coming to Boston in the near future who can compare resumes with a four-time MVP and the NBA’s double-double leader two of the past three years. With that knowledge, the Celtics have to trade Rondo this season.

The Keep Rondo Camp:

OK, the Kevin Love Dream is Dead But Rajon Rondo Must Remain - Celtics Blog -

On a team with no real foundation and a bunch of guys who overlap each other on the depth chart, Rondo is the rock. He's been here eight years. He's won a championship here. He understands and respects the culture and the rich history of the organization while completely comprehending his place in it. He says at every chance he gets that he wants to remain here and see the current rebuild through to its end and a potential 18th banner in the TD Garden rafters. He's the guy around whom the rebuild should happen.

One option that I'd actually consider trading Rondo for: Eric Bledsoe

Blakely: No Love, so C's should look at Rondo-for-Bledsoe | Comcast SportsNet -

For the Suns, it would give them the kind of difference-maker they'll need in the near future to get to the playoffs and potentially make a run. Remember, Rondo has consistently been at his best when the games matter most. And while Phoenix has a number of point guards already, none have shown the ability to elevate their game the way Rondo has throughout his career. And for a team such as the Celtics who are entrenched in rebuilding, those opportunities will be few and far between this season for Rondo. In Bledsoe, Boston would add another young, dynamic player to a roster that's already overflowing with good talent.

Here's where I want the "trade Rondo" camp to weigh in.  What kind of package or player would you want in return for Rondo?  What deals could you realistically see happening?

Discuss.  Or skip this topic entirely.  Or skip down to the comments just to complain about how many "Trade Rondo" articles there are on this site.  I can take it, really I can.  (Sobs)

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