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Welcome our new CelticsBlog writers!


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Please give the new CelticsBlog writers a big round of applause and warm welcome!

We sifted through well over 100 applications and had many hard decisions, but were able to trim the list down to 10 new writers.  Yes, you read that right .  Ten new writers.

Is that a lot of new writers? Yes, yes it is.  Does this mean the quality of writing will suffer?  No it doesn't. It just means that the diversity of opinions is going to become broader. My editors and I will ensure that the quality is up to our standards and I think you'll enjoy the fresh voices.  They will also help us with a lot of the workload (which will keep this machine of a blog humming along smoothly for you the readers to enjoy).

So without further ado, please welcome the following writers.  They are:

Ted Alexander
Dustin Chapman
Justin Danziger
Daniel Herbert
Ian Mark
Jeff Nooney
Sean Penney
Professor Parquet

You can see them and the rest of our staff on our masthead (always linked at the bottom of the blog).

As I mentioned, there were a lot of great candidates and just because we didn't select you doesn't mean that you shouldn't continue to pursue writing and blogging.  In fact, I'd like to welcome you to utilize our FanPosts section as a way to build up your experience and share your voice with the blog community.  Remember that from time to time we'll select FanPosts and share them on the front page of the blog.  It really is a great learning tool and you'll notice that some of the new writers got their start doing just that.

Anyway, get ready to see a whole lot more from these new writers, be it with the game recaps, previews, news stories, or feature articles.  We've got our work cut out for us organizing all of this, but it is going to be a fun process I'm sure.  Enjoy!

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