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Podium game: Brad Stevens

A more confident and focused Brad Stevens talked about his new players and mimicking the Spurs.

Here's your Twitter round-up from Brad Stevens:

Brad Stevens saying Brad Stevens things.  As always, he was focused on the process of getting better and perfecting the little things.  At the team's golf tournament last week, he mentioned that there were hundreds of lineups that he could use and he reiterated that today.  The roster is more versatile going into Stevens' second year and he's willing to use two point guards at a time or fielding a starting lineup of two combo guards and he's confident that Marcus Smart can play day one.  What I'm ecstatic about is his suggestion that his team (and most of the league) will move to a more Spurs-like offense with less grind it out execution and more read-and-react action with dozens of options in one set.

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